"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."- Maya Angelou


 Visual 55%

 Vocal Dynamics 38%

 Verbal Message 7%

How can you measure the effectiveness of a motivational speaker? And answer questions such as, “how much information did each individual audience member retain, how will they change and by what percentage will their impact increase, as a result?”

While some things cannot be measured, laughter is contagious. It's also a proven method of attaining higher levels of data retention, engagement and open-mindedness to different perspectives. Shannon's ability to connect with people first and foremost sets the stage for the important work to be done.

"A growing body of research suggests, well-planned, appropriate, contextual humor improves performance by reducing anxiety, boosting participation and increasing individuals' motivation to focus on the material." - American Psychological Association


Shannon’s theory is that to be a successful speaker, it is a requirement to create inspirational experiences that move people. And with the average verbal retention rate at 7%, she has uncovered

an opportunity to go above and beyond that. Shannon's keynote presentations are customized and tailored to every group and her powerful messages impact every audience at every meeting, regardless of size or industry.

Check out some of Shannon's keynote topics below!


How we lead ourselves first and foremost sets the tone for how we lead others and effect change. When exploring the dynamics of Leadership vs. Management -  Managing is a focus on work, getting through our day and doing things right. Leading is a focus on people, changing the habits we recognize are not getting us where we want and doing the right thing.


Shannon  examines the differences between leadership and management, the roles of both in our lives as well as understanding the differences. She takes a deep dive into the importance of self-development, emotional intelligence, building our leadership behaviors, consistent application and more, with the ultimate result of adapting leadership as a lifestyle.


Whether you are on the front line of selling or any other part of an organization, sales and negotiation is an essential part of our everyday lives. It is about connecting with people, thinking strategically, having all of the information and staying ahead of the curve. Whether we realize it or not, this beautiful act is not just limited to our day jobs, as we are engaging in this activity throughout the many areas of our lives, all the time.

Not only does Shannon have a long-standing history of success in this category; this is one of her favorite past times! Because what's the harm in becoming more effective in every interaction? She approaches it like this - closing the deal sometimes is a skill, but closing the deal all the time is an art form. You will walk away from this experience with the tools and motivation to go get your hustle on and your stomach will also hurt from laughing, because Shannon is very funny. Guaranteed (or no money back)!


Power is not about title, it's about impact. Brand is what you communicate, in other words how  you display yourself to the world. And believe it or not, Personal Power is where you can have the highest  level of impact and it's often the most overlooked! 

Shannon explores the various wave-lengths of power - personal, political, positional and looks at the many factors that contribute to a personal brand. She discusses the right formula to  increase your influence, develop your br as well as how to shape your brand to fully reflect your unique strengths and the contributions you make to your organization.


Dreaming is a form of planning. However, we don't always set a plan to work towards our dreams, hopes and desires  due to a variety of factors  - limits we set for ourselves, risk adversity, letting fear debilitate us and more. 

Shannon is the ultimate advocate for going from dreaming to doing. Her personal story highlights many of the challenges people face in not recognizing their ultimate  goals. She discusses the concept of Delusional Confidence, a term she's coined as setting your sights so high that you do whatever it takes to achieve your life purpose and begin building towards the legacy you want to leave. Sound crazy? Sometimes taking the big leap towards living your best life can feel that way and after experiencing this program first hand,  participants walk away from it feeling inspired, more confident, with a plan in place to take action!

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